The wise person sits on the hole in their carpet — Persian proverb.
The wiser person replaces their worn out Persian carpet with a stylish, affordable Anji Mountain rug and is free to sit anyplace — Anji Mountain proverb.


    Jute brings a magnificent, chunky texture to any space and is surprisingly soft to the touch.

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    Wool Blends

    A brilliant juxtaposition of materials for a winning combination of textures and style.

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    Bell Bottom Blues

    We’ve taken one of the U.S.A.’s biggest contributions to western civilization—denim— and fused it with a variety of sustainable, natural and recycled materials to create cool, casual and durable rugs.

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    An array of yarns and materials are combined to create a dynamic feel and aesthetic in the Mixtura collection.

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    Sisal features a tight weave, a bristly, natural feel and is incredibly hardwearing.  Great for high-traffic areas.

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    Seagrass fibers are strong and waxy with a lovely, natural greenish-brown tone.  As durable as it is beautiful. 

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    Paper Shag

    Our first foray into the use of recycled materials makes a stunning, sumptuous, statement on shag.

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    Silky Shag

    Silky soft chenille shag rug made from a unique blend of bamboo viscose and cotton.  A real crowd pleaser!

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    With styles ranging from contemporary to rustic, our Bamboo collection offers a touch of simple, practical elegance.

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