Company Principles

When a new associate joins our company or when we meet with a new potential factory or customer, we always begin the conversation by discussing our principles.  They are intertwined in our company DNA and inform how we make decisions and are central to our company culture.

Do the right thing, always

While the above comma has been a long-simmering source of playful intra-company debate, the message has served as the lodestar which has guided us in our actions and decisions from our inception and will continue to do so into the future.  This principle is around cultivating a company culture which reflects our shared values of trust, respect, fairness, accountability, and long-term focus. While that might sound nebulous, how this principle translates into behaviors is rather concrete.  We don’t operate in gray areas, we make quick and efficient decisions, and are constantly striving to make our company and community better.

Have our customers love us

Without loyal and satisfied customers, we have no business.  We want you to fall in love with us through our amazing products and wonderful customer care.  We go to great lengths to create informative content and have a customer care team which is second to none.  This isn’t bluster--it’s true. Call our offices--you’ll love the people who answer the phone.

Don’t waste anything

Waste is annoying.  Wasting time, wasting resources, wasting the environment – all of it is annoying and we’re not on board.  We’re focused on having a highly efficient organization with a culture centered around continuous improvement and the removal of waste.  This focus provides us the freedom to invest, innovate, and secure our future.

Have some guts

Go fishing and get comfortable knowing that sometimes you’ll pull up an old boot…and that’s the boot you’re going to wear for the next 6 months because you lost a ton of money.  But then go fishing again.