Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question for us? We may have heard it before and, if so, we have an answer immediately below that we hope you’ll find very helpful. Don’t see your question here? Please contact Customer Service at customerservice at and we will gladly consider your inquiry and provide you with a prompt reply.

How can I become an Anji Mountain dealer?

Please click on the Become A Dealer link at the top of our home page. You can provide us with a little bit of information and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Can I get samples sent to me?

Yes. We have a variety of sampling options depending on which product you are interested in subject to stock on hand. There is a small fee involved to cover shipping and materials. Please contact Customer Service at customerservice at for any inquiries.

How do you clean…?

Good question! Please click on the Care and Cleaning page on the Education Center tab for cleaning and care information for all of our products.

My rug has an unusual scent—why?

Natural fiber rugs will often have a smell compared to fresh hay that will dissipate over time. While unfamiliar (unless you bale hay), this smell poses no health risk to you or your family. No chemicals are used in treating or processing the natural fibers in our rugs so you can rest easy.

My bamboo chairmat is showing denting/grooving/scratches from my caster wheels. Is that normal?

Yes—this is normal wear and tear. Bamboo is an exceedingly durable natural material but it is not indestructible. Depending on the chair casters you are using it is normal for some denting/grooving/scratching to occur. [Note: We recommend hard floor casters instead of carpet casters]. Your bamboo chairmat should provide you with an easy rolling surface, enhance the beauty of your office space and take a beating so your floors do not. It should also give you a much longer life than the plastic mat you likely replaced with it. We do recommend a couple of excellent products to clean and refresh the finish of your mat (please click on the Care and Cleaning page on the Education Center tab to learn more).

How do I figure out what type of Bamboo Chairmat I should order?

Use our How to Choose the Right Bamboo Chairmat guide. That will help guide you to which mat thickness (5mm, 8mm or 12mm) will work best for your situation. You should also measure your space to be sure the chairmat you select will fit. Lastly, you should consider upgrading to a thicker mat if you are over 225 pounds. For example, if you are going to use the mat on Berber/Loop carpet (3/8” thick or less, with carpet pad) and you are 240 pounds you might want to select the Tri-Fold 12mm mat instead of the Deluxe Roll-Up 8mm mat.

Do you take custom orders?

No. We stock many popular sizes and styles in our warehouse ready for immediate shipment but we don’t take custom orders. That being said, if you have a large enough order (e.g. hundreds of one item in one size) that meets a minimum quantity requirement set by our factories then custom orders are a possibility. We are happy to discuss such opportunities with you. Do you offer a private label program? We will be happy to create a private label program for any Anji Mountain product. We are experienced doing so and are ready to discuss the opportunity with you. Minimum order quantities will apply and will vary according to the item(s). Packaging can be fully customized to your needs with few limitations. Product can ship in full containers via the factory or can be cross-docked at our domestic distribution facility. Please contact Customer Service with any inquiries at info at

My Anji Mountain product makes me feel happy and I believe it has improved my life. Are these normal feelings?

Absolutely. Acknowledging you love your Anji Mountain product and sharing these feelings with friends and family is behavior we encourage.