Anji Mountain Scores Vegas Market Global Goodness Award

LAS VEGAS -- Sustainable area rug manufacturer Anji Mountain, a family run business based in St. Louis, was awarded a Global Goodness Award in furnishings at the winter 2017 Las Vegas Market for its sustainable practices and products.

"We have two core initiatives that are focused around global goodness," said David Moons, president of Anji Mountain, founded in 2003. "The first is an organization called Trees for the Future, where we have a commitment to them that by 2025 we will plant a million trees in Africa -- for every product we sell we donate one tree and we have donated over 100,000 trees so far.

"And our other commitment is to GoodWeave -- that every product we bring in from India will be GoodWeave licensed. That means the factories we work with have all been inspected and their looms have been licensed by GoodWeave, and that there is no child labor used in any of our products."

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